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CNI Acquires Troy Filters, Ltd

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CNI is excited to announce the acquisition of Troy Filters, Ltd, a long-time partner of CNI subsidiary Filtra-Systems. 

The team at Troy Filters has worked closely with the Filtra-Systems crew for many years, and will now ‘roll-up’ under Filtra-Systems for daily operations moving forward.

Troy Filters brings exciting synergies to Filtra-Systems by adding air filtration products to Filtra-Systems’ vast array of industrial filtration and separation products. Troy Filters has been providing HVAC air filters, HEPA filters, paint spray booth filters, power generation filters and other products for over 26 years. They also custom manufacture filters to meet the special needs of customers, similar to Filtra-Systems and its industrial-size filtration equipment.

Troy Filters also offers an important opportunity for CNI to serve the Chickasaw Nation and its many other businesses, and are currently investigating the needs of tribal casinos and other customers who require replacement air filters. For more information, please visit