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Chickasaw Health Consulting, LLC Wins CDC Contract

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Chickasaw Health Consulting, LLC (CHC) has been awarded a $3.5 million contract with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide mission-critical assistance in the dissemination of health and safety information to prevent and control diseases, injury, and disabilities. With recent events, such as COVID-19, direct consumer interaction has become an increasingly important and visible part of CDC’s effort to carry out its mission to heighten public awareness and protect people from adverse health threats.

The two-year contract, which begins in September 2020, will allow CHC to work with CDC on their growing focus to educate the public, medical personnel, clinicians, public health workers, and the media on disease specific details, risks, and prevention through the dissemination of digital and printed materials and information.

“Recent events, such as COVID-19, have made consumer interaction an increasingly important and visible part of CDC’s effort to carry out its mission,” said Ann Speyer Chickasaw Nation Industries President of Health and Technology Solutions. “We are thrilled that CDC has placed their confidence in Chickasaw Health Consulting to continue our partnership and help heighten public awareness through this contract.”

Chickasaw Health Consulting, LLC is a Chickasaw Nation Industries (CNI) family company that offers quality services primarily focused on health and IT solutions. For more information on Chickasaw Health Consulting, visit