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CNI Acquires Cable Utilities, Inc

Chickasaw Nation Industries is pleased to announce the acquisition of Cable Utilities, Inc.

Cable Utilities, Inc is a New Jersey-based company that serves the 5G installation market with work crews and drilling and trenching equipment. Cable Utilities will directly support Chickasaw Network Services (CNS) as it expands its geographical customer base into the northeastern United States.

This is a highly synergistic acquisition that will allow Chickasaw Network Services to move away from using subcontractors and provide their own work crews in this region. In addition, Cable Utilities currently has existing contracts with customers who seek to expand into Texas and Oklahoma, which is work Chickasaw Network Services can now pursue.

“Cable Utilities is an established company in the New Jersey area, and we are extremely excited for this opportunity to expand our team and reach in the Northeastern US market,” says Stephen Libonate, Vice President of Chickasaw Network Services. “I’m confident that by working with the Cable Utiliities team, CNS will be able to enhance our extensive expertise and ensure we continue to meet and exceed every customers’ expectations.”

Chickasaw Network Services (CNS) provides the complete solutions for the optimization of Transmission Technologies, connecting structured cable and wireless infrastructure through expert engineering, installation and maintenance. For more information on Chickasaw Network Services, visit