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Chickasaw Management Services awarded NMUSA contract

Chickasaw Nation Industries is pleased to announce that Chickasaw Management Services (CMS), a subsidiary of CNI, was recently awarded a five-year $4.1 million contract to provide support services to the National Museum of the United States Army (NMUSA).

The National Museum of the United States Army is set to open later this year at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The NMUSA will provide a comprehensive portrayal of Army History and traditions through the eyes of the American Soldier. Watch the video below to learn more:

As part of the contract, CMS will be responsible for providing all personnel, management, and services necessary to operate the NMUSA’s Experiential Learning Center, as well as support NMUSA’s in-gallery education programs including Museum Cart Programs, Guided Tours, and VTC learning program.  

“We are very excited to have earned this opportunity to support the National Museum of the United States Army in their mission to enhance people’s understanding of the US Army and its many contributions to our country,” said April Hall, LLC Manager of Chickasaw Management Services. “Our expertise in museum curation at the CDC was a major factor in securing this win, so credit goes to our team for their exceptional past performance is this area.”

Chickasaw Management Services, LLC is a Chickasaw Nation Industries (CNI) family company that specializes in business support services across a vast array of areas, offering customers excellent service. For more information on Chickasaw Management Services, visit