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Chickasaw Network Services

About Us

Chickasaw Network Services (CNS) provides complete solutions for the optimization of Transmission Technologies, connecting structured cable and wireless infrastructure through expert engineering, installation and maintenance. We provide Engineer, Furnish and Installation services for all Transmission mediums, including copper twisted pair, coax, fiber-optic and wireless. Our team has extensive knowledge and expertise ensuring we meet and exceed every customers’ expectations.

Chickasaw Nation Industries is a ISO 9001 certified organization.

Network Services
Chickasaw Network Services


Construction Services

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Chickasaw Network Services, LLC (CNS) provides a skilled team of experts specialized in delivering a finished product from source to termination. Whether using your design or ours, we can furnish and install all forms of telecommunication cabling products and equipment for inside building or customer premises to outside plant, including aerial and underground construction.

Our team provides aerial telecom installation and maintenance while adhering to local construction codes and permits. CNS provides all applicable documentation, including maps and as-builts, to ensure our customer’s communication system has accurate, validated prints for all projects. We are experienced in various strand configurations, and fiber, coax, and twisted pair cabling. Our team of quality control personnel and supervisors ensures operations are within construction guidelines, meeting completion dates, and budgets.

With in-depth knowledge of underground construction, the CNS team highly regards the importance of safety and coordination, whether in congested city streets or rural roads. Working closely with municipalities and local residents, our team creates traffic plans and schedules that minimize the interruption of road access. The protection of our employees, our customers, and the public is of utmost importance and is evident throughout every project.

Our experienced engineers are well-rounded professionals with backgrounds in communications and civil engineering with practical experience in construction and installation of all types of facilities for a wide array of customers.

Our team provides a full scope of turnkey services, including consulting, concept, route design, permitting, construction, budgeting, splicing, activation, certification, maintenance, and emergency response and restoration. We offer turnkey solutions within many communications system environments.

Additional services include:

  • CATV systems power supplies and testing
  • All phases of aerial construction
  • Trenching
  • Directional boring
  • Direct buried construction
  • Backhoe equipment
  • Conduit, inner-duct placement, rod, and rope
  • Fiber optic placement, splicing, and testing

In addition to design and construction services, Chickasaw Network Services also offers project management services. Our team ensures that your project is completed successfully and meets your objectives. Our expertise and experience in the telecommunications industry will assure that you gain the maximum cost efficiencies while reducing the possibility of project delays. The CNS team provides strategic planning, maintain continuous communication, and manage resources, in addition to applying our industry-specific expertise.

Our industry experience includes completing engineering and construction of over 5,000 apartment complexes, and over 1 million apartment units, nationwide.

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Installation Services

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Chickasaw Network Services, LLC (CNS) provides professional service in all areas of voice and data cabling including design, engineering, installation and certification. CNS also provides comprehensive service and maintenance of voice and data networks.

We work with a diverse spectrum of physical media including:

  • Twisted pair
  • Fiber
  • Coax
  • Category 5e, 6, 6e cable

Fiber optic cabling for building backbone including:

  • Campus backbone
  • Hub connectivity
  • “Fiber to the desktop”

Our team utilizes the four stages of planning in our disaster recovery preparedness: assess, prepare, respond, and recover. We offer extensive capabilities in disaster recovery operations, including recovering cable systems, telephony systems, and electrical support systems.

The CNS team has expertise in:
Coax cabling, of any type of size, with connectivity amplifiers, modulators, taps, splitters, terminators, attenuators, adjusting, and testing

Category 3 or 6 station cabling to support telephones, paging, faxes, modems, etc.
Installation of a variety of wireless networks in addition to security solutions, Wi-Fi, and VoIP

Our capabilities allow us to perform a variety of construction activities, including telecommunication closets, core drilling, and installation of cable support hardware, conduit trays, rack installation, conduit, and molding pathways.

Our team is proficient in performing installation services for the Cable TV and Telecommunications industry. Chickasaw Network Services has expertise in single family unit, multiple dwelling unit, and business enterprise customers for service providers nationwide. Our team of technicians are trained in the installation of triple and quad play services. Employees are pre-screened and drug tested to exceed industry guidelines.

In addition to our project design and construction services, Chickasaw Network Services offers project management services. Our team will ensure that your project is completed successfully and meets all your objectives. Our expertise and experience in the telecommunications industry will assure that you gain the maximum cost efficiencies while reducing the possibility of project delays. We provide strategic planning, maintain continuous communication, and manage resources, in addition to applying our industry-specific expertise.

  • Our industry experience includes completing engineering and construction of over 5,000 apartment complexes, and over 1 million apartment units nationwide.
  • We have engineered, installed, and maintained thousands of wireless cell sites throughout the United States, including distributed antenna systems, small and micro cell systems, and dedicated point-to-point wireless networks.
  • We have installed fiber to the cell site, as part of the overall wireless infrastructure deployment, in support of AT&T and Verizon wireless.
  • We have engineered, installed, and maintained thousands of wireless data systems (Wi-Fi) in both the public and private enterprise spaces.

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Wireless Voice & Data

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Chickasaw Network Services, LLC (CNS) provides professional full turnkey general contractor construction services to the wireless sector of the telecommunications industry. Our team of industry veterans — including certified skill tower and civil technicians — have expertise in all levels of construction and project management. Whether working directly for tier one wireless carriers or professional project management firms, we strive to complete each project on-time, on budget, and with unparalleled craftsmanship.

Chickasaw Network Services provides complete network site acquisition and engineering services to meet critical design requirements and project timeline projections. We work with customers to deliver complete wireless network deployment, implement system enhancements, and provide assistance in network expansions for optimum RF coverage.

CNS offers experienced, professional, and certified antenna line and civil personnel to upgrade, modify and repair existing or newly planned Cellular/ PCS cell sites.

Our team of technicians are experienced in working on newly deployed technology networks, such as LTE or UMTS/GPRS/GSM systems. Each CNS project is supervised by a senior construction and project manager. Our goal is to exceed your expectations relating to project completion dates, budget, and customer service. We provide a complete cost-effective maintenance program for your deployed network.

Our team of industry experts have a proven record of tailoring programs for our customers, including these services:

  • Complete site audits, including compounds and shelters
  • Antenna mast mount repositioning and repairs
  • Coaxial cable sweep and PIM testing
  • Tower component decommissioning
  • Backhaul antenna microwave alignment
  • Antenna- Azimuth/down tilting/RET adjustments
  • Guyed, self-support, monopole repairs and inspections

Based on experience, understanding, and the ability to adapt to changing network conditions and economics, Chickasaw Network Services also offers backhaul services including the deployment of: fiber optic cabling, T1 deployment, satellite up/down links, and microwave hop network builds. Our team has designed, deployed, and proudly maintained the wireless industry’s first generation networks to backhaul video, voice and data services for tier one carriers throughout the U.S.

Chickasaw Network Services has successfully designed and deployed wireless data networks in a variety of challenging service environments including, school campuses, enterprise and municipal locations. The CNS team has the expertise and experience to ensure all of your expectations are met, from the deployment of mission critical phases to on-air readiness.

Our team offers full turnkey deployment services for wireless partners. Technology advancements in the wireless industry today require professionals who specialize and understand all facets of network deployments and network operations.

If you are in need of site modifications, new site development, or special projects — our mobility can provide and deliver unique solutions to meet your company’s deployment goals. Chickasaw Network Services offers deployment services that range from the emergence of wireless communications with 4G and recently LTE technology platforms, as well as legacy technology platforms.

Our areas of expertise for your on-air networks, or soon to be deployed networks, include the following:

  • Construction management
  • Regulatory and compliance
  • Antenna/line installation
  • Civil construction
  • Electrical upgrades power coordination
  • Backhaul deployment
  • Site surveys
  • Site audits
  • Certified sweep testers
  • Certified PIM testers

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Wi-Fi Services

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Chickasaw Network Services, LLC (CNS) integrates proven technologies with innovative system design and configuration. The systems installed and managed by our experts, experience extremely high uptime with minimal interruption. We work with leading technology and equipment providers to ensure our high-speed internet provides building and campus-wide Wi-Fi solutions that are optimized for performance and value to meet specific customer and facility needs.

The CNS team has experience designing and deploying wireless data networks in some of the most challenging environments. We have a proven track record of success including servicing a variety of environments, such as school campuses, enterprises, and municipal locations. We have the expertise and experience to ensure all of your expectations are met, from deployment mission critical phase to on-air readiness.

Our team of network experts extends beyond the office.

  • Residential/Business Customer Aggregation
  • Enterprise/Campus Inter-building Connectivity
  • Military Bases and Facilities
  • City-wide Municipal Networks
  • Anytime/Anywhere Connectivity and Access
  • Wireless Backhaul

Our team has managed some of the largest Wi-Fi deployments; our leadership team was responsible for the implementation of Wi-Fi at the largest global fast food restaurant chain. Additionally, we managed a major installation in Manhattan, NY, providing a local carrier with Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the five boroughs.

CNS provides high reliability, cost-efficient Wi-Fi networks, and Internet access for enterprise office buildings, college campus dormitories, hospitals, and academic facilities. Our customers provide Internet access to their customers and guests via these Wi-Fi networks with pay-to-use and free access options (with or without authentication).

We can handle every aspect of your installation from concept and design to offering on-going support post-installation. Once a Statement of Work is established and approved, our team will work fast to get your system installed, bandwidth provisioned, and network switched on, tested, and fully operational. With tens of thousands of public and private rooms, and offices served, you can have confidence in our ability to deliver for you too.

CNS provides help desk services to government and commercial customers supporting customers with nationwide service needs. Our 24/7 help desk team can monitor and manage your Wi-Fi network to ensure maximum efficiency.

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LED Lighting & Building Management

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Chickasaw Network Services, LLC (CNS) provides the complete life cycle of LED lighting, control products, and management services allowing for cost-effective replacement of high cost technologies with state-of-the-art lighting, monitoring, and controls. Our team can provide custom LED products to meet any need.


  • 60-80% Higher Efficiency
  • 5-10x Longer Operational Life
  • 60-90% Reduction in Carbon Footprint

Light Quality & Control

  • Dynamic Control of Intensity, Direction, Color & Disbursement
  • Remote & Automatic Control
  • Emergency & Off-Grid Capability

Smart Technology

  • LEDs are the Next Generation Hubs for IOT Networking
  • Real-time Monitoring of Occupancy & Environment
  • Integration into HVAC & Mechanical Systems

Ecologically Responsible

  • No Toxic Materials
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Minimal Infrared & Near-Zero UV Emissions

Every product delivered is the result of our years of expertise and experience with these technologies, led by our in-house team of engineers. Our team focuses on the full cycle of photonics, including harvesting, energy storage, light emission, networking, and control.

All of our products are developed and manufactured under our own strict controls.

We live here and work here. CNS provides U.S. innovation, quality, and service at competitive prices. All of our products go through rigorous testing and compliance standards. We are proud to offer industry-leading guarantees.

CNS produces fundamentally new market technologies, including ballast technology, off-grid solar streetlights, smart networking, controls/functionality, and many more to come.

Our team not only provides a superior line of standard products; we also pride ourselves on development of fully custom solutions for a variety of difficult applications.

Ballast Direct Technology allows us to use LED bulbs within existing HID and fluorescent fixtures with NO REPLACEMENT of the ballast or other core components.

Control & Collect | Demand control lighting & remote monitoring
Data | Log sensor data
Extract | Package data to gain insight
Visualize | Easy to understand analysis and visuals
Deliver | Secure access and control

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Security Services

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Chickasaw Network Services, LLC (CNS) integrates proven technologies with innovative system design and configuration. The systems, installed and managed by our team, experience extremely high uptime with minimal interruption. We work with leading technology and equipment providers to present the best solutions for performance optimization and value to meet specific customer and facility needs.

Our team has expertise in designing and deploying security systems in enterprise environments. Services include:

  • Policy & Administrative Controls
  • Access Control
  • IP Video
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Integration with Environmental Systems

Additionally, our enterprise network design and installation expertise enhances the overall design capability allowing for one point of reference for the project.

Policy and Administrative Control
CNS can manage the implementation of policy development, administrative control, and enforcement of security related activities, both physical and network based.

Access Control
Our client controlled WEB interface allows for the client to change access for their building in real-time. Our solutions can enable tiered control of building access, as well as elevator and office suite access. Our team can integrate with existing climate control and lighting systems, in addition to providing access control from your cell phone.

Video Surveillance / IP Video
Our team has installed video systems in support of multiple applications, including customer facing health and safety, video security, and loss prevention. Restaurant surveillance of entrances and surrounding areas is equally important. Additionally, in enterprise applications, motion sensory video is as important as health and safety. We specialize in utilizing multiple capabilities through a singular system.

Intrusion Detection
We also specialize in two different intrusion, detection, and monitoring capabilities, network based intrusion, and physical intrusion.

Our team of network security experts design and maintain the network infrastructure to detect and prevent attempted network intrusions. We currently provide network security services to DoD customers.

Our team has designed and installed multi-tiered physical security systems providing the maximum protection for your assets based on the client requirements.

Integration of Network, Physical, and Environmental Systems Our team has integrated access and environmental systems allowing for the ability to determine physical presence with network presence.

Our team maximizes your organizations ability to meet any mission objective, including assisting with acquisition services. CNS provides sales of IT, telecommunications, security, and health science hardware and software solutions.

We specialize in the following solution areas:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Initial Outfitting & Transition
  • BOM Integration
  • Shipping & Inventory
  • Kitting & Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise Software Products
  • Cyber Security Products
  • Cabling Products
  • Physical Security Products
  • Network & Communications Products
  • Furniture Fixtures and Equipment
  • Durable Medical Equipment

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Small Cell Design & Installation

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Chickasaw Network Services, LLC (CNS) designs and integrates wireless network construction projects from remote cell sites to massive sports venues. We provide the physical infrastructure and technology to add capacity and eliminate gaps in coverage.  We work with leading technology and equipment providers to present the best solutions for performance optimization and value to meet specific customer and facility needs.

Network Design & Planning
At CNS, we understand the art of Radio Frequency usage. Our team has mastered reuse, propagation, reflection, signal to noise, and protocols through the IMTS, AMPS, TDMA, GSM, CDMA, 802.11X, 802.16, OFDM, LTE, AWS 800 MHz, 1900 MHz and 2.5GHz system deployments and optimizations.

Whether the customer is defining their coverage, expanding capacity, or overlaying technologies, CNS can provide assistance through implementation.

Our team’s long-standing relationships with equipment manufacturers provide a full assortment of system enhancements and upgrades ranging from tower mounted amplifiers, cross pole and space diversity, in-building coverage design and testing, and E-911 wireless system deployment.

Small Cells
The unprecedented demand for wireless data has called for a multi-layered approach particularly in densely populated areas.

Small cells provide added bandwidth where it is needed most. Chickasaw Network Services provides turnkey small cell solutions including:

  • Site Acquisition
    • Search Area Candidate Selection
    • Pole Attachment & Rooftop Agreements
    • Regulatory Zoning, Planning and Permitting
  • Project Management
  • Equipment & Antenna Installation
  • System Optimization & Testing
  • Maintenance

DAS Solutions
Wireless customer satisfaction is the result of excellent end user experiences on faster and more consistent networks.

More than 50 percent of all calls and wireless data sessions originate or terminate inside buildings. In-building cellular coverage and capacity is a key component of maintaining uniform grade of customer's wireless experience.

Chickasaw Network Services' active Distributed Antenna System based solutions provide consistent technological agnostic coverage. We review criteria such as providing coverage for multiple frequency bands, and simultaneously supporting multiple carriers through a complete solution portfolio.

Small cells are well-suited to many Internet of Things use cases. From the current fragmented IoT market using short range wireless technologies to the LTE enabled NB-IOT/LTE-M scenarios and all the way up to the final incorporation of the vertical IoT industries in 5G, Small cells will become critical.

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Project Management

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Chickasaw Network Services (CNS) is an all-in-one service company, managing client needs from start to finish. We provide experienced project management through our expert supervisory team. When working with CNS, we will assign a supervisor to be your single point of contact (SPOC) to provide the security of knowing there is one person, one team, dedicated to the success of your project.

Our professional services team will evaluate the scope of work and assess our current resources against the needs of any large-scale project. Once both parties approve the statement of work, the SPOC creates a project plan including dates and deliverables and manages to that plan.

If a project spans multiple regions, each region involved will assess their available resources, assigning project responsibilities as outlined in the project plan. Your project manager is ultimately responsible for your complete satisfaction. The SPOC works with each region to maintain sufficient staffing, quality standards, and keep CNS field technicians informed with the most current project details, updated processes, and expectations.

If additional resources are required, your SPOC is empowered to recruit technicians with the experience you need in the regions you need it. With the power to allocate field resources, scale projects as necessary, and create project-specific reports, each SPOC has the support needed to confidently manage your project and respectively address any concerns.

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