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Filtra-Systems Deployed SCOUT into the Oil & Gas Industry - Designed to Create Clean Brine to be Re-used in Fracking

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Filtra-Systems, a CNI Family Company, recently deployed a product, known as “SCOUT,” from our manufacturing facility in Marietta, OK. The SCOUT is a highly engineered, precision manufactured, 10,000 bpd mobile walnut shell filtration system.  This system is designed to remove oil, iron, and other suspended solids from produced water, creating clean brine to be re-used for fracking.  Additionally, the SCOUT is an automated, autonomous back washable media system that provides our customers unmanned service with minimal operator oversight required.  With the introduction of the SCOUT into the Oil & Gas Industry,  water can now be economically managed as an asset rather than a disposed waste, ultimately protecting and preserving water as our most precious natural resource. Over the next several months, we have 15 additional mobile SCOUT units being processed through our manufacturing facilities. Products and services, like the SCOUT, have positioned Filtra-Systems as one of the global leaders in water solutions technology.