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A+ Government Solutions

Headquartered in Arlington, VA, A+ Government Solutions, LLC (A+/CNI) offers a variety of information technology solutions, management consulting, professional staffing services and health related programs. 

Bullet Energy Service, LLC

Headquartered in Velma, OK, Bullet Energy Service, LLC (Bullet) operates an environmentally-aware salt water disposal well and trucking operation for the Oil and Gas industry. 

Chickasaw Defense Logistics LLC

The Defense Logistics Division offers subject matter expertise and IT solutions that enhance the sustainment, maintenance and distribution of the American Warfighter’s operational capabilities. We are focused on providing customer centered solutions in support of Defense Logistics operations at echelons (levels) above battalions to include the Defense Department Industrial Bases.

Chickasaw Energy Solutions, LLC

Headquartered in Marietta, OK, Chickasaw Energy Solutions offers diversified manufacturing and product capabilities that leverage world-class equipment. The well-equipped facility contains state-of-the-art machinery and equipment for precision machine work and fabrication.

Chickasaw Health Consulting, LLC

Headquartered in Norman, OK, with offices in the DC Metro area and Atlanta, GA,  Chickasaw Health Consulting, LLC (CHC) provides Health and Human Capital Management Consulting Services.

Chickasaw Management Services, LLC

Headquartered in Norman, OK, Chickasaw Management Services, LLC (CMS) provides financial management, management consulting, and information technology services. 

CNI Advantage, LLC

Headquartered in Norman, OK, CNI Advantage, LLC (CNIADV) delivers professional and administrative services including: Health Information Technology Services, Human Capital Services, Health Advisory Consulting and Logistics and Supply Chain Management. 

CNI Aviation, LLC

Headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK, CNI Aviation, LLC (CNIAV) provides aviation-related professional services including engineering, information technology support, program management and technical support. 

CNI Federal Services, LLC

Headquartered in Norman, OK, CNI Federal Services, LLC (CNIFS) specializes in providing a variety of business solutions for the Federal government including Health and Administrative Services, IT Solutions Delivery, IT Services Delivery, Aviation Services, and Professional Consulting Services.

CNI Global Solutions, LLC

Headquartered in Norman, OK, CNI Global Solutions, LLC (CNIGS) specializes in cyber security, information assurance and information technology support services

CNI Technical Services, LLC

Headquartered in Norman, OK, CNI Technical Services, LLC (CNITS) offers a variety of services including training, professional and management consulting services and records management.

Corvid Technologies, LLC

Headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, Corvid Technologies, LLC (Corvid) applies high-fidelity computational physics capabilities to create specialized solutions for complex systems.

Filtra-Systems Company, LLC

CNI acquired Filtra-Systems Company, LLC in September 2016. Filtra-Systems Company, LLC is the global leader in custom-engineered industrial filtration and separation systems. Based in Michigan with manufacturing facilities in Tennessee and Oklahoma, Filtra-Systems brings over 34 years of experience working with blue chip players in the automotive, energy, mining, water treatment and other industries.

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